Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Chapter 2: It's Official

*Leafstar padded out of her den. She instantly saw the daylight warriors outside, huddled in a group, discussing something. She walked over to them and Frecklewish turned to her.*


Can we all talk to you in your den?


*She nodded and signaled with her tail for them to follow her. Once they reached her den, she sat down and invited them to talk.*


Well, you see, we've been talking and have decided that we should become full warriors of SkyClan. It's a hassle on everyone and we agreed that clan life suits us better then life as a kittypet.


Yeah, even though the twoleg food is really good!


*He gave a quick glare at the young warrior.*

Yes, we'll even take on real warrior names.


*She listened intently, then walked out of her den.*


Wait! Where are you going?


*She purred and looked at them over her shoulder.*

Well, you ready to become full warriors of SkyClan?



So from now on, they will be know as Burningstorm, Emberclaw, Hookedtail, Whitemoon, and Badgerfang.


*The cats all looked proud of their new names, especially Badgerfang, happy with his fiercsom name, but Burningstorm was the most happy and he invited Leafstar to hunt with him.*



*She purred at one on Burningstorm's jokes and nuzzled his shoulder.*


*He looked down at her and smiled, then licked his lipps.*

That was some rabbit, wasn't it?



*She thought about the small, juicy rabbit that they had caught together. Then, she gave her chest fur a few embarresed licks.*

You know, Burningstorm, I really like you.


I hope so.

*He licked her ear, then they both watched as the first stars of Silverpelt appeared.*


Sunday, August 8, 2010


That was a taste of what this blog is going to be like. I need a couple people to say they like it by August 19th or else I will delete. Although there will be a few chapters that are short, most of them will be longer, just so you know. Should I continue?

Chapter 1: Unsure

*Leafstar followed Billystorm up the trail and into the forest.*

So .. I'm guessing this is more than a walk?


Well, yeah. I-I think.

*He stopped.*


*She sat down with a sigh.*

What is it, Billystorm?


*He looked down at his paws, uneasy. When he gathered up his courage he looked up and met Leafstar's gaze.*

I .. I like you. More than that. More than a clanmate. I just had to get that out. A-And I hope you feel the same way.


I don't what to say. Except that I'm not sure if I can take on a mate. I have the the clan to look after. Maybe I could, but .. I need some time to think. Sorry, Billystorm.

*She turned and ran through the forest, picking her way down the trail that led to camp.*


*He stared after Leafstar, sadness glowing in his eyes.*

I'm sorry, too.


New Story

This story takes place after SkyClan's destiny. It's about her love life and whether she will have one or not. How far will Billystorm and Sharpclaw go? Can she have a mate and take care of her clan at the same time? Or will she even have a choice.